And would the government really fall?

With what the main defendant in the Odebrecht bribery trial has declared in court, it is enough for justice to begin to remove the cover that has hidden the whole truth about this scandal.

The defendant, Ángel Rondón, said that the Odebrecht manager for the Dominican Republic was allowed to leave because if he revealed what he knew, “he would not only have overthrown the government, but also the political system.”

Very serious statement.

What is worth more now, in this context, is that conviction of the accused. And to confirm or discard it, the judges are compelled to probe further to unravel the truth hidden in mists.

The businessman Rondón has also said that the manager Marco Vasconcelos Cruz, identified 28 people allegedly committed to handling bribes, which never appeared in the file that the collegiate court is hearing today.

Who were those 28 people?

That such denunciations were so forceful as to cause the fall of the government and the political system is, by all accounts, the most explosive confession that comes out at this stage of the merits trial.

Justice is therefore challenged to go beyond what the records that serve as the basis for prosecution say.

The country deserves to know the dimension or depth of this collusion between a foreign private company and government officials in a conspiracy that involved receiving multimillion-dollar bribes in exchange for authorizing the costs of important public works for more than a decade with overvaluations.


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