Andrea Kotarac, an "antifa" passed on the extreme right

Andréa Kotarac, elected FI in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, announced on May 14 that he would vote for the RN list in the European elections. – In Brunet / Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region

  • Andréa Kotarac, elected FI to the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, announced Tuesday that he would vote for the national rally list in the European elections.
  • A decision that caused a shock wave.
  • His relatives do not understand how this activist "antifa" could switch to the extreme right.

His flipping jacket literally stunned his loved ones. Induced a tsunami of indignant reactions, a shock wave among the militants. Andréa Kotarac, 30 years old, figurehead of France Insoumise in the Rhône-Alpes region,
announced Tuesday night that he would vote for the list
RN in the European elections.

A decision that was immediately removed from the Left Party and excluded from the Rally Group Citizen Ecologist and Solidarity (RCES) of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. His name and photo were removed from the field of the website.

" I did not know. I learned it last night on the train by receiving a text, "says Emilie Marche, 31, elected iséroise the RCES. "It is unforgivable, inexcusable", supports the young woman who sits for three years alongside him in the regional hemicycle. The two young men often scraped together against the ideas of the extreme right. A "fighting companion" she no longer recognizes.

"He was trained in the antifa fight movement. It was part of his DNA »

"I can not say anything positive about it, I only remember this betrayal," she confesses, hurt and still in shock. And to add: "When we have been in the fights antifa, we can not go to vote for a list … racist. Because yes, the RN is a xenophobic party antipodes our values.

"He was trained in the antifa fight movement. It was part of his DNA. He took blows in the demonstrations (and ended up in custody). It was really 10,000 leagues from the national front, "adds Jean-Charles Kohlhaas, spokesperson for the RCES group in the region. Without being close friends, the two men had built strong bonds of trust.

The loss of a "friend", a "brother"

Today, the elected "stunned", said to have been marked by the positions of his colleague in the hemicycle. "He was the first to publicly taunt the ideas of the extreme right, to openly mock his elect. He had the ability to deconstruct in a few scathing sentences the speech of the FN, to react at point-blank, testifies the ecologist. He was not a file man, not one who was going to peel 2,000 pages of documents to find the decimal point. But he was a very, very good speaker with a good political culture. "

Qualities that also lends him Elliott Aubin, FI deputy mayor of the 1st district of Lyon. He deplores the loss of a "friend" or even a "brother". "It's a huge personal shock. He welcomed me when I arrived in politics in 2009 ". At the time, the young Aubin is only 16 years old.

Heads well done, look young first, the two boys will soon become inseparable, forming a fiery political duet, passionate, embodying in their own way the political revival of the left. Breaking the codes, the two accomplices stand out during the municipal campaign of 2014 they will lead under the label of the Lyon citizens and solidarity list (Front de gauche and Gram) in the 1st and 8th arrondissements of Lyon.

Political suicide?

"We've had a lot of fighting together, we've had a lot of fighting against the National Front," recalls Elliott Aubin, who was bruised. "I'm stunned … dismayed," he continues, eager to "turn the page and move on".

Born in Haute-Savoie to a Serbian father and an Iranian mother, Andréa Kotarac has always been "passionate about social and economic issues", "attracted by the political situation in Eastern Europe", where a part of his family, says Jean-Charles Kohlhaas, who now advances the thesis of a "political suicide". "Last week, he was still campaigning for insubordinate France," he recalls.

His participation on his own at the "Fifth International Economic Forum in Yalta" (18-20 April) was not appreciated by insubordinate France, who has openly disassociated himself from the young man. From there to imagine a revenge against his mentor Jean-Luc Mélenchon? Certainly, the elected official felt let down. "The act of suicide is often triggered by a blaze of lead. We need to know what is the emotional part of his decision. What is the political part too? I would like to meet him to discuss it but for now, he does not answer my messages … ", concludes Jean-Charles Kohlhaas.



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