Andrea Vendrame at Ca ‘del Poggio before the match, for him the affection of the fans: “Here a second home”

The tradition of the Giro d’Italia does not stop at Ca ‘del Poggio, a second home for Andrea Vendrame, the cycling champion from Santa Lucia di Piave who, during this morning’s warm-up, stopped for a few minutes in the famous Alberto Stocco resort, where he was welcomed by fans camped among the vineyards waiting for him.

Recognizable thanks to the original mask with the Joker design, the supporters of the cyclist from Santa Lucia proved to be very charged and for them, considering the enthusiasm they showed after Vendrame’s unexpected surprise at Ca ‘del Poggio, this Giro d’Italia will not have a half-day party.

“Andrea’s main concern is the unknown of time because he knows this path well. – explains his girlfriend Martina – In the messages we exchanged last night and this morning we tried not to talk about the race and I am thrilled to see all the affection that the fans of the Alta Marca Trevigiana continue to show him on every occasion “.

The Treviso public of the Giro d’Italia will also be put to the test during the Conegliano-Valdobbiadene time trial, given that the rules for the Covid emergency are very stringent.

No gathering, the obligation to wear a mask and respect for social distancing are the categorical imperatives with respect to which there will be zero tolerance, with widespread checks by the local police, the Carabinieri and the volunteers scattered along the entire route of the Conegliano-Valdobbiadene Chronometer.

In his “hit and run” before the actual race, Vendrame did not refuse the photos and selfies with the fans and with the protagonists of the organization of this stage.

The emotion is great because I’m at home here. – declared the cycling champion before leaving Ca ‘del Poggio to return to the starting area – This morning I didn’t have to go out before the race but I decided to come and say hello to my friend Alberto. The muscles are full of adrenaline and I’m ready for the stage”.

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