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Andreas Várkonyi’s first wedding anniversary

He is delighted, in love and satisfied with his life Andrea Várkonyi, who is currently celebrating her first wedding anniversary with the richest man in the country. The former TV2 presenter said a few days ago that they live in love, love, and her husband is preparing a surprise for their first wedding anniversary. He asked his wife to make herself available for that weekend. Andrea also added that Lőrinc was not really able to keep a secret before, but now he has the hang of it, and he is sure that it will not become clear what her husband is until the anniversary. One of the secrets of their marriage is that they still date regularly, travel often, and surprise each other with unforgettable experiences – the writing store history.

Andrea Várkonyi at TV2’s 25th birthday program (Photo: Press Room)

In the past year, the life of the former presenter has changed in many ways: old friends have ended, but new ones have also been born, his work has changed, and there have also been tasks associated with furnishing the two new homes (here .one in Buda and one in Felscút).

As noted by the star magazine, no matter how beautiful and interesting her life is, Andrea Várkonyi does not trumpet it. Since her marriage, she rarely posts on social media, even then more about her work and charity events.

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