Andrei Beburishvili methyl in “Bachelor”, but did not hit

Andrei Beburishvili, 26, a resident of Comedy Club, could not qualify as a hero for the new season of “Bachelor”. Irina Shikhman in the YouTube show “And talk?” the comedian frankly said that he had never had problems with the opposite sex, but he still was in no hurry to marry. Now Andrei has been living with a girl for a long time, whose name is carefully concealing, because I am sure she will not approve of a public discussion of their feelings.

“I liked coming to an empty apartment and realizing that no one was composting my head. I want – I lie, I put my socks in one place. And then I felt lonely. Then I realized that you need to purposefully search for someone. Only later I realized – when you are purposefully looking for someone, everything is past, ”he shared his vision.

At some point, Beburishvili even wanted to get out on the “Bachelor”. However, the enviable groom’s career was unsuccessful: they simply did not take Andrei, citing budget problems.

“I was very worried about this. And then he got even more angry, because then he saw Buzova and Batrutdinov with 60 people sitting on the islands and eating deliciously, ”he says.


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