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Andrei Beburishvili revealed the details of his personal life

Comedy Club resident Andrei Beburishvili frankly explained why he does not like to judge people who are bored with everyone. The 26-year-old stand-up was the new guest of Irina Shikhman in the program “And talk?”. During a frank conversation, Beburishvili admitted that in the Prozharka program, in which comedians in a harsh manner ridicule each other most of all they love to “banter” people with whom they are quite familiar.

“The easiest way to laugh at a friend. When you fry Buzov, you are walking along a well-worn road. Not even along the road, but along the pit, because Buzov has been mocked for many years already, she earns this. When you banter, for example, Bely, it’s much easier, ”he said.

Beburishvili also answered a question about his personal life. Andrei has denied that he is gay. However, when people write about him and hint at a non-traditional orientation, he is not offended, because “it’s better than nothing at all.”

“He is the breadwinner, he gave me a new life”: comedians thank the comedy battle showMeanwhile, TNT is already the 10th season of this program.

“I don’t have it at all, to be honest. When I saw this for the first time, “Ha! Funny! ” – said. Well, at least they wrote something, at least something! Let it be, okay, okay, ”he smiled.

Now the comedian is dating a girl. However, she does not want to advertise her name. Beburishvili noted: his beloved is a famous person, therefore, does not want to shine with a comedian.

“We do not want to flaunt that we are Buzova and Dava. So the value of the relationship is preserved when it does not stick out, ”summed up Andrei.


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