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Andrew Lincoln says the 9th series of The Walking Dead will be his last

Andrew Lincoln said that he was leaving The Walking Dead.

The 44-year-old British actor, who has been the star of the post-apocalyptic American series since its inception in 2010, confirmed that he was moving away after the ninth series.

Speaking at an annual popular culture show in San Diego, Lincoln spoke of recent reports that his character, former policeman and long-time survivor Rick Grimes, will leave the show.

The Next Series of The Walking Dead Will Be The Last of Andrew Lincoln (Sean Zanni / / AP)

He told an audience from Comic-Con: "There seems to be an elephant in the room and I think many of you want to ask a question whether or not this is my last year

" This will be my last season playing the role of Rick Grimes. "

Fans in attendance groaned at the news.

Lincoln added," I love this show, it means everything to me. I like the people who make this show. I also particularly like people who watch the show. It was the most extraordinary and beautiful experience of my career, largely because of you. "

The actor, known for playing in the movie Love Actually, said that a" part of me will always be "with Rick's character and he praised his co-stars, saying that the 9th series of The Walking Dead is the best he's seen.

Later, during a Q & A session with fans, Lincoln was asked what role he would like to take.The actor born in London said "I'm going to take a break for a while", and added that if the casting of The Walking Dead is his "surrogate family", have a real family and it's time for me to go home "

Lincoln added," I do not really know. It's been so much of my life, I've been breathing it for 10 years. But what I do know is that I believe so much in history and that it's a really great season for Rick's story.

"I think of two things but I am so much in love with Rick Grimes that I can not put it down."

He added: "The Short"

The Hall H Audience The San Diego Convention Center then praised Lincoln

Fans at Comic-Con, an annual cultural show that attracts over 135,000 fans We also showed a trailer of the upcoming The Walking Dead series.

The trailer begins with an old Lincoln saying to the camera, "It's been a long time since we've had one of these talks."

Villain Negan is seen behind bars as troubles occur between survivors in a world that seems much worse than the previous season.

Angela Kang, executive producer of the show, said that the world was collapsing and that the survivors "Nature is taking over" the environment.

Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon, says the coming season feels like a "Western".

The new Walking Walking series is scheduled for October 7 and Comic-Con continues until Sunday.

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