Andrew Luck's Brissett Jacoby replacement was replaced with an uncommon leader;


There will be many more things after the Saturday night announcement that Andrew Luck is retiring.

But with the NFL season just two weeks from scratch, the Colts have no choice but to turn the page – as hard as possible. Jacoby Brissett will be in the middle of 14 days when the Colts of Chargers in Carson, California, and Colts brass brass take to the 26-year-old as they prepare for Life After Luck.

“We're not going to ask Jacob Brissett to be Andrew Luck; Andrew Luck was a unique football player. But Jacoby Brissett is a winning football player in this series, ”said Colts GM Chris Ballard on Saturday night. “Jacoby Brissett is a rare leader. He is. He is a rare person, a man. Love the room of the Brissett Jacoby Locker.

“This is a man, a special man. I want to watch him play. ”

Brissett was the third round selected by the Patriots in the 2016 NFL Draft. After supporting Tom Brady as a rookie, Brissett was traded to the Colts at the start of the 2017 season with doubts about Luck's status after a shoulder operation. Luck had the full year missing, and Brissett took the name together in Week 2, finishing the season with 3,098 yards going, 13 adverse effects and seven interceptions and 260 rushing rods and four Drummen. He put together a record 4-11 when ripped at 52 times.

The Colts have a better aggressive line and are coming out in 2018 where they won a wildcard play game before they went to the Heads in the section round. They are fully expected to compete with Brissett under the center.

“We are ready to go to battle, and we have great certainty that Jacoby is a man who can change this story,” said owner Jim Irsay.

Brissett and Luck developed a band for the past two years, and the coach coach Frank Reich said that Luck has quit hard on the new start of the Colts. But there will still be Luck for him.

“Can't wait to support him and see him in charge of this team,” said Luck on Brissett. “Enthusiastic for the future of Colts, mainly because of Jacoby.”



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