Anesdor asks that the restriction of access to Central Madrid for motorcycles with environmental label be removed


The National Association of Companies of the Two Wheels Sector ANESDOR has offered its forecasts for the end of the year: both motorcycle registrations (9.4%) and mopeds (13.4%) will continue to rise. In addition, the president of ANESDOR Víctor González, has proposed a series of measures to improve the mobility of the people of Madrid who travel by motorbike.

The ANESDOR forecasts for the closing of 2019 are that the registrations of motorcycles (motorcycles plus mopeds) will grow by 9.8% and close the year above 190,000 units.

Motorcycles, which account for 91% of registrations, will reach 173,000 units in Spain. An increase, compared to 2018, of 9.4%. The mopeds will conclude the course with an interannual increase of 13.4% and a total of 17,500 registrations.

José María Riaño, Secretary General of ANESDOR, has indicated that "the main factors for the growth of the sector are the favorable current economic situation and the transformation of mobility, especially in the urban area". "The numbers show that citizens increasingly choose more motorcycles to travel," he said.

After an exceptional first semester in which the bike grew by 11.3%, ANESDOR considers that the rise in the second half will be slightly lower, although it will maintain a marked upward trend, which will end with an increase at the end of the year bordering on 10 %.

Each of the first six months has resulted in a positive year-on-year result. In addition, the semester has concluded with favorable data in the 17 Spanish autonomous communities, a figure that is particularly indicative of the good health of the sector throughout the national territory.

Motorcycles grew by 11.1% in this period. The segment of 125cc has been the most demanded in the first half of this 2019, adding more than half of the registrations of motorcycles: 51.8%. Its growth has been 8.6%. The motorcycles of average displacement (126-750cc) and high (more than 750cc) have grown in double digits, 16 and 13.8% respectively, and have increased their market share to 31.4 and 16.8% .

Víctor González, president of ANESDOR and general director of Yamaha Motor Spain, and José María Riaño, general secretary of the entity, have presented this Monday in Madrid the forecasts of the sector of the two wheels for this 2019The private channel is still the main engine of the industry bringing together 84.3% of registrations. In terms of typology, the scooters were the most requested with a share of 55.5%, followed by road bikes, with 40.5%, and field, which have represented 4%.

On the other hand, mopeds confirmed that they occupy a fundamental space in the current micro-mobility: they grew by 30% and closed the semester with 88,039 registered units.

Motorcycles in Central Madrid
ANESDOR has presented at the event a series of proposals designed to promote fairer mobility policies for the tens of thousands of Madridians who travel daily by motorcycle.

Riaño believes that "at a time when the City Council has announced that Central Madrid will change, from the sector we believe there is an opportunity to improve the treatment received by the motorcycle."

The motorcycle is a sustainable vehicle: it is efficient in emissions that affect both health and the environment. Studies of the City Council highlight that its impact is minimal. And it also helps to decongest traffic.

For this reason, explained the secretary general of ANESDOR, "motorcycles with labels should not have access time restrictions and all should be differentiated from cars in anti-pollution protocols."

The current legislation does not allow motorcycles with environmental label (the most efficient) to enter Central Madrid between the 22nd and the 7th and that in the protocols for episodes of high contamination, the type of vehicle to restrict access is not taken into account; something that does contemplate the regulations of Central Madrid. At present the only guide in these protocols are the labels of the DGT and these are the same for motorcycles and cars, but not equivalent.

On the other hand, the Association has lamented that since 2013 there is no road safety plan for motorists in Madrid, a vulnerable group that last year accounted for 43% of the fatalities in the city. ANESDOR has asked the City Council for the implementation of a specific road safety plan to protect people traveling on motorcycles. (tagsToTranslate) growth (t) sales (t) motorcycles (t) madrid (t) central


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