Ángel Teruel already has his tile in Madrid: the living history of bullfighting turns in his tribute

Have passed50 years of the confirmation of the alternative of the teacher Ángel Teruel. Finally, he has received in his place the recognition he deserved. A bullfighting figure that has not always been valued enough despite having beena reference for bullfighters and fans. The uncovered tile collects the anniversary: ​​"On the 50th anniversary of your alternative confirmation.Bullfighter of Madrid, who walked through the world's ring his class, temper and power ".

The Viti was then in charge of giving him the tacklein the presence of José Fuentes. The Salamanca teacher and Teruel merged this morning in the morning in an emotional embrace half a century later. The vindication of its trajectory comes from far. From that vindictive interview published in El Mundo in 2017, the winter homage of that year of the El Rescoldo rock, the defense at all costs that Domingo de la Cámara always did and finally the witness of the Peñas de Madrid Federation. From the Chamber he outlined his profile in the Welcome Room: "He has been a great figure of bullfighting, he has been a very complete bullfighter." Connoisseur of the bull, dominator: I remember two bullfights of Miura in the sixties that he successfully stormed, also others of Pablo Romero, he was able to face the most feared irons with incredible ease, he was an elegant bullfighter, his bullfighting could be cold due to his perfection and finesse, he managed to fight impeccably, without snagging, perhaps the most important bullfighter that Madrid has given. "

Once his bullfighting was defined, Domingo contributed data to the recognition: "He took the alternative with 17 years in Burgos, Toreó in Las Ventas 34 afternoons in which he cut 28 ears, a percentage within the reach of very few.Four exits through the Puerta Grande at a time of maximum demand. It was characterized by being always above the bulls. "Previously Jorge Fajardo had taken part as president of the Peñas Federation of Madrid and the manager of Bullfighting Affairs of the Community of Madrid, Manuel Ángel Fernández, as the executing arm of the movement


Ángel Teruel, Ambassador's Dandy, took the floor and expressed his gratitude: "I am very excited, I can only say that I believe I was honest in my profession, I am very grateful to the Taurine Affairs Center of the Community of Madrid, to Zabala de la Serna , Domingo Delgado of the House and all the teachers present.Thanks for all your love, I will always carry it in the deepest part of my bowels ".

The teacher was accompanied by countless friends and supporters. Of his family were his daughter Lidia, his brother Pepe – also a bullfighter and emotional engine of the achievement of the act – and his niece María José. The bullfightersSantiago Martín 'El Viti', Ortega Cano, César Rincón, Emilio Muñoz, Vicente Ruiz 'El Soro, Raúl Aranda and Uceda Leal, who was the only active killer who came to the event; José Ignacio de la Serna, father and son, Víctor Zabala de la Serna, Javier, Lalo and Ángel Moreno, José Ángel Lostao, filmmaker Agustín Díaz Yanes, the director of the Canal Toros de Movistar +, Ignacio Frauca, and the businessman from Las Sales, Simón Casas.

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