Ángel Teruel, the most authentic tile from Las Ventas


The master Ángel Teruel in the gang yard of Las Ventas.

On May 12, 1969,Angel Teruel Peñalverconfirmed the alternative in Madrid from the hands ofThe Vitiand in the presence ofJosé Fuentes. Fifty years and four days later, in commemoration of that date and in recognition of his "extensive and brilliant" career in the venteño arena, the master of the neighborhood of Embajadores will discover a tile-tribute that will perpetuate his figure inside the plaza more important in the world.

This was decided at the end of February by the Permanent Commission of the Bullfighting Council of the Community of Madrid, after a movement of bullfighters and bullfighting entities made official by the Federation of Bullfighting Entities of Madrid.

Ángel Teruel will thus become part of that kind of 'hall of fame' in which he has become the base of line 1 of Las Ventas. There 'will share paseíllo' with figures of the size ofThe Viti,Paco Camino,Antonio Ordoñez,Antoñete,Curro Romero,'El Cordobés',Palomo LinaresorGregorio Sánchez.

Possessor of a unique personality in bullfighting,TeruelHe transferred his elegance from the street to the ring. And its authentic character. The cockiness, too. "If I did not give it to the bull, they would send you to your house in 10 minutes," he admits. That's why he became one of the great figures of bullfighting in the late 60s and 70s. With a status that few killers in Madrid have achieved. And that's why the justice of his recognition this Thursday.

"The tributes, in life, as it should be", claimed the master two years ago as the closing of his speech at the ceremony in his honor that the Peña Taurina 'El Rescoldo' of Colmenar Viejo organized on the occasion of his alternative. A longing, the one of the recognitions, that he himself had given for lost when in an interview in this newspaper, Teruel confessed toZabala de la Sernathat "in this country they do not recognize you until you tell them." I think that with time and maybe one cane, tomorrow they will say that there was a bullfighter who existed who was an ambassador.

The time has come. Only two years later, the affection of the fans of Madrid materializes in this tile that recognizes its great afternoons in the Chair, where it left four times on shoulders and cut 34 ears. Today bullfighting will say that Teruel exists.


  • Born in Madrid (Embajadores neighborhood), on February 20, 1950
  • Debut of lights: May 19, 1966 in Vista Alegre.
  • Debut with picadors: January 29, 1967 in Fuengirola. Torea 18 novilladas that year before the alternative.
  • Alternative: On June 30, 1967 in Burgos at the hands of El Viti, who gave him "Cazuela" by López Flores, in the presence of Pedrín Benjuméa.
  • Confirmation: On May 12, 1969, at the hands of El Viti, who gave him "Yegüero" by Atanasio Fernández, in the presence of José Fuentes. Cut one ear to this and two in the sixth, leaving through the Puerta Grande de Las Ventas.
  • In Madrid he has played 34 afternoons, cutting 17 ears and leaving four times through the Puerta Grande.

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