Angelina Jolie makes a film about war photographer McCullin

Don McCullin is a British photographer who is known for drastic images of war and social storms, often from Africa and Asia, but also from Ireland. He has also photographed environmental disasters since the 1960s.

The most prominent are considered ruthless photos from the Vietnam War. He did not hesitate to take pictures of murder and torture. McCullin always chose the poorest and harshest countries in the world, where he documented the suffering of ordinary people (Cambodia, Congo, India).

The screenplay for the film is written by Gregory Burke and produced by Tom Hardy.

Don McCullin


“I am honored to have the chance to film Don McCullin’s life,” said Angelina Jolie. “I was attracted by the unique combination of fearlessness and humanity, his absolute commitment to interpreting the truth about the war and his empathy and respect for those who suffer its consequences.”

“I saw Angelina’s last film about Cambodia, I spent a lot of time there during the war. I was very impressed by how strong and accurate the image of place and time was. I think I’m in safe, capable and professional hands with her, “said McCullin, 85.

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