Angelina Jolie replaced by a married woman? Here are all the details!

Brad Pitt has made the headlines several times with his many escapades. If the merciless struggle that there is between him and Angelina Jolie does not seem ready to know an end, the father of six children seems to find comfort in the arms of another woman. However, there is one detail that particularly amazes Internet users. The woman Brad Pitt is dating couple is already married… and apparently her husband would be fine with their affair. A more than frightening news that left everyone speechless. Read the rest of this article to find out more and you won’t be disappointed with the revelations.

In a relationship for a few months already

It must be said that many fans of the famous Hollywood couple that formed Brad and Angelina secretly hoped the two would get back together. It is clear that their hopes are definitely gone since theactor seems to be hit by Cupid’s arrow again. Except this time, things didn’t go as usual.

Indeed, it’s been a while since we saw Pax-Thien’s father with a lovely German model. It is Nicole Poturalski. The latter is 27 years old. While the announcement caused a stir on social networks and in the press, it is certainly not because of the age difference between the two lovebirds. Fans are already used to this scenario.

It is the marital status of the young woman that surprises everyone since Nicole Poturalski is already married and the mother of a 7-year-old boy called Emil. Her husband is none other than the Berlin restaurateur Roland Mary who is already 68 years old. Surprisingly, the actor of Troy precisely met the one who is his new companion in her husband’s restaurant in August 2019. This is the information reported by the Daily Mail.

Brad Pitt is said to be a regular at Borchardt since many years. The first question that comes to the minds of Internet users is how the husband of the young woman takes this relationship.

Nicole Poturalski in an open relationship

According to the information gathered, Roland Mary is completely in agreement with his wife’s affair with actor Brad Pitt, and for good reason, Nicole and he are in a free couple. They are married, but still retain the freedom to have other adventures. So then the young woman can get away with Brad Pitt in all conscience without provoking the jealousy of her husband. However, that is not all. The actor himself is subject to a condition. He knows very well that his new partner is in a free relationship. He must therefore accept that their relationship is not exclusive.

Obviously, this doesn’t seem to be a problem for Brad Pitt. It must be recognized that many people still have doubts that the restaurateur has no jealousy when it comes to his wife’s affair. This is somewhat difficult for some Internet users to accept.

However, the Daily Mail found proof that Roland Mary takes this story very well. The Borchardt even offers Brad Pitt’s wine to his customers. This is the wine of Château de Miraval… hum!

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