Angels employee is guilty of death of Tyler Skaggs

A employee of the Anaheim Angels, which was being investigated in relation to the death of the former player of the MLB, Tyler Skaggs, has been found guilty before the law.

According to the family of Tyler Skaggs, he employee named Eric Prescott Kay, was the one who provided the medications to Tyler Skaggss with which he took his life after taking more pills than he could resist.

Said statement was thoroughly carried out, and some messages were discovered on the cell phone of Tyler Skaggs and Eric Prescott Kay, where the pitcher of the MLBI asked him for more pills and they came to a meeting point.

The same pills they talked about Tyler Skaggs y and Kay, were the ones they found in the room next to the lifeless body of the ex-MLB.

Kay and her legal team continue to negotiate a plea deal, but to no avail.

The defendant’s lawyers have asked for time to see what evidence they find, however, it has not yet been said if he goes directly to prison or if there is any kind of bail.

The Anaheim Angels did some poignant tributes during the rest of the season of the MLB 2019.

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