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“Anger than Chanel”: iPhone fans storm the Apple Store – readers

A huge queue of people has caused a stir in the city of Vienna since the early hours of the morning. Hundreds of Viennese are completely in iPhone fever.

“today”– Reader reporter Torsten was surprised on Friday on the way to work when he found a meter-long queue on Kärntner Strasse, because: at around 6 am dozens of people were already cavorting in front of an Apple store in the heart of Vienna. With positive reason, because: the new iPhone 14 is officially available in stores -. “today”talked to one of the lucky iPhone men.

Reader: “It’s worse than Chanel or Dior!”

At 8:00 am, Apple dealers in the city opened their doors and gates, customers who had been waiting for hours literally rushed into the smartphone manufacturer’s business. There was a start time of just a week when reservation – from September 9 you could pre-order one of the new iPhones.

Just last week, Apple CEO Tim Cook introduced the latest generation of the iPhone at the Steve Jobs Theater in California’s Silicon Valley. A week later, the rush for the latest Apple hardware in the Australian capital knew no bounds.

today”Reader Christoph was one of the lucky iPhone 14 customers and was visibly impressed when he received his new cell phone. Had he experienced such a rush before? “Worse than with Chanel or Dior!” Christoph told the reader “today”-Speak. Interesting: Some mobile phone customers took the opportunity and made provisions for the future by getting hold of several smartphones at the same time.

New mobile phones and watches with many innovations

With the iPhone 14 generation, smartphone fans can literally choose: the iPhone 14 is available in four versions. For the preceding, the regular iPhone is also available with an XL display (6.7 inches). A bitter drop: the iPhone mini will not renew >>> .

The top model was further pimped: the 14 Pro received a revised camera with a higher resolution. Introduced in 2017 with the iPhone X, Apple now says goodbye to the notch: the sensor bar at the top of the display – also known as the notch – has shrunk and now has the shape of a pill. This makes the front look cleaner.

The seed is here: With the new Apple iPhone 14 Pro, Apple says goodbye to the so-called tooth, the sensor bar on the front.
The seed is here: With the new Apple iPhone 14 Pro, Apple says goodbye to the so-called tooth, the sensor bar on the front.Apple

In addition to the new cell phones, the technology provider also offers the renewed Apple Watch with a sensor that can measure body temperature. The most striking is the Ultra model: this watch has a titanium case. According to the manufacturer, the Ultra model is particularly designed for use in extreme sports. New headphones were also showcased at the event. Airpods Pro 2 have better sound and noise reduction.

From 1,000 euros to your business

But the latest high-tech pleasure does not come cheap, because the starting price for the iPhone 14 is a whopping 999 euros, the iPhone Plus is available at a whopping 1,149 euros. At least 1,299 euros are due for the iPhone 14 Pro, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max starts at at least 1,449 euros.

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