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Angry voters could impeach governor

Los Angeles California could become the next testing ground for the country’s hectic and unpredictable politics as an attempt to give voters a chance to impeach the governor Gavin Newsom is closer to completion.

Not long ago, the idea that the popular liberal Newson could be ousted by voters who overwhelmingly elected him two years ago in a majority state democrat it would have seemed absurd. Yet politically risky measures to contain the pandemic and a tangle of confusing decisions about vaccines and the reopening of businesses and schools have come together to make the Democrat look vulnerable in his first term.

Newsom’s popularity is staggering, and a proposed approach to removing him appears to be headed for the ballot.

A vote to remove the governor of the country’s most populous state would turn into a marquee contest with nationwide implications, watched closely as a barometer of public sentiment heading into the 2022 elections, when a new election is at stake. very divided Congress.

California voters are jaded by the coronavirus restrictions that have led to layoffs and are keeping them away from classrooms and friends, plus anxiety about the continued risk of infection, all of which could create a mix volatile at the polls. Newsom has also had to weather a wave of criticism for going out to dinner with friends and lobbyists at a San Francisco Bay area restaurant late last year, while he advised locals to stay home.

More recently, a growing fraud scandal at the state unemployment aid agency has put its government work during the pandemic under increased scrutiny.

“When you have a very upset, frustrated constituency, it’s being driven by emotion, not facts,” said pollster Ben Tulchin, who was working for former Democratic Gov. Gray Davis when he was ousted in a 2003 election and replaced by the Republican. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“Gavin (Newsom) needs to take this very seriously. There are enough undecided people who could vote for anyone. Voters are divided “on their performance.

SOURCE: With AP information

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