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The star of the series “Matchmakers” this year turned 17 years old. Anna
Polishchuk turned into a real beauty.

Anna became part of the Matchmakers project in 2011. Young artist
got the role of Vicki. According to the scenario, her character comes to summer
grandparents. A charming eight-year-old girl immediately fell in love with the audience.

In 2013, Anna Polishchuk again joined the castcom caste.
The actress took part in the filming of the sixth part of “Matchmakers”.

On the fan page of the series on Instagram
published a photo collage of two frames. On the left side is placed
child photo Polishchuk, in the right – a fresh shot.

Microblog subscribers noted that Anna has matured and turned
to an attractive girl: “Very beautiful! Both in childhood and now,” “Beauty
grew up, “” The same look, “” Oh, what a girl has grown up, ”
“No, only matured and became even more beautiful!”

This year, the star of the series “Matchmakers” turned 17
years old. The actress will soon enter the university.

Filming in the Russian-Ukrainian sitcom gave Anna Polishchuk not
only the love of the audience, but also became an excellent career springboard. The young star often receives offers from directors. For example, it can be seen in the comedy of Roman Barabash “The Ruler”, as well as in
humorous musical “1 + 1 at home”.

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