Annecy under the empire of the rising sun


The red sun of the Japanese animation will soon shine over Lake Annecy. Guest of honor of the biggest festival of 7e lively art, Japan will be everywhere at this 43e edition: special short film programs, master class and event sessions to look back on an industry that celebrated its centenary two years ago.

Japanese animation after Miyazaki

The new generation will of course be the subject of a broad panorama with recent short works, but also four feature films in competition. Films made by a family of filmmakers who grew up in the shadow of Ghibli Studio's godfathers, Hayao Miyazaki (Princess Mononoke) and Isao Takahata (The Grave of the Fireflies), who died last year.

Turning away from the Swiss chalets and alpine pastures that Miyazaki loved to decorate his films, these emerging figures prefer to look into the daily life of their country, which they sublimate by opening doors to the fantastic and the marvelous.

Bold subjects

Keiichi Hara, who does not hesitate to tackle daring topics like youth suicide in Colorful, come back with The Wonderland, ecological fable between two parallel worlds, while Masaaki Yuasa, laureate of the feature film Cristal in 2017 for Lou and the mermaid island, evokes the work of mourning in Ride Your Wave.

Ride Your Wave, by filmmaker Masaaki Yuasa./ Annecy Festival

But there is no question of throwing Ghibli with the lake water. His heirs will also be present in Annecy with a presentation, unpublished in France, of Modest Heroes, program of three shorts of studio Ponoc, founded in 2015 by elders of the company that created Totoro and Chihiro.

A veteran of the golden age of hand-drawn animation, Yoichi Kotabe will give a lesson in cinema to deliver the secrets of the series' production. Heidi (1974) or feature film Horus, prince of the sun (1968).

The first feature film by Isao Takahata, this medieval epic will also be presented in special session, while the test shot of his friend and rival Hayao Miyazaki, the funny and crazy Castle of Cagliostro (1979) very freely inspired by the adventures of Arsène Lupine, will be shown Monday, June 10 at night in the open air … at the museum castle Annecy!

This free projection is not the only one, far from it. If the weather permits, fourteen more are planned in different places of the city, and in particular on the Pâquier, immense lawn bordering the lake, which hosts these sessions under the stars for 23 years.

An insolent growth

If the festival shows year by year an insolent growth in the number of professionals, Mickaël Marin, the new director of Citia, host institution of the event, wants to open it more widely to the general public. " To find a place without being accredited, you have to be passionate and patienthe admits. We therefore put up projections at 5 €, Wednesday 12 and Saturday 15 June, of films of the official selection ". This will be the case Prince's trip, by Jean-François Laguionie, four days after its world premiere.

The Prince's Journey, an excerpt from Jean-François Laguionie's philosophical tale

In view of the opening of a city of animated cinema in 2023 in the old studs, Mickaël Marin would also like to see born this year, a winter edition of the festival, anthology of the best films selected in June, decorated with end of year novelties. The sun of the animation never really sets on Lake Annecy …

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