Anni Espar, the talisman of the CN Mataró


A total of 241 days wore the female team of water polo of the Sabadell Swimming Club without losing a regular league match. Since in November 2007 he fell in the pool of Alcorcón (10-9), the Vallesan team had won each and every day in a period of 12 years, the last 9 with one such Anni Espar in your template. This thursday Center Natació Mataró broke the streak of Sabadell (8-10), but the one who maintains it is Espar, enrolled since this summer at the Maresme club. The Spanish international is the talisman of the Premaat League.

"I hadn't thought so, thank you," Espar, 26, modestly acknowledges, in a telephone conversation with ELPERIÓDICO. "I am very lucky to always have very good companions next door that help me win."
After the duel of Can Llong, to which the two teams arrived undefeated after four days, the Mataró is league solo leader. A tournament in which Sabadell I haven't lost a regular phase game at home since 2001. Including the games of 'play-off', the last visitor victory in the pool valleys dated from 2010, against the Mediterrani. The Barcelona club took that League, the last one that Sabadell has given.

Twice in 40 days

Since then, the valleys have only let out two national titles, both against Mataró. The last one was last September, in the Super Cup, with a stellar performance by Espar: seven goals against his former team. "I said it as soon as we arrived at Mataró, that we were going for everything and that the goal was to win the maximum number of titles possible, and we are demonstrating it. "

She opened the scoreboard Thursday and led a withering start of the Marina Zablith. "I am performing very well physically, I feel very strong," he says. At the break the game was open again (6-7), but a great defense (a quarter of an hour without scoring passed the Sabadell) sentenced.

Regional transfer

The current champion has lost many pieces this summer. In addition to the march of Espar, Olga Domènech, Bea Ortiz and Paula Leitón they enrolled in the other great team of the region, the CN Terrassa, but on the first day the Sabadell came out very reinforced from the Vallesan derby (7-17). With the Mataró, however, he could not. Two duels at this start of the course and two victories for Espar and his new partners.

"We are a little surprised but for the fact that today (yesterday) everyone congratulated us, as if we had already won a title. It is very good to win at Sabadell, but we are aware that it is only a match, there is much left" comments. In any case, the victory confirms that his change of air was not crazy. "It's never easy, you never see it completely clear, but I was seduced by the Mataró project and enjoy new challenges. I never regretted it and now, with these results, less."

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