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Anniken Jørgensen: – – Pure lie

The fourth “Farmen kjendis” week is soon at the end of the road, and in Wednesday’s program it became clear that it is former Elle editor Signy Fardal (59) must go into battle against one she chooses.

– Impression of blonde and stupid

One of those who is still on the farm and which she can choose on Sunday is Anniken Jørgensen (24), even better known as Annijor. In a major interview with Se og Hør, Jørgensen makes no secret of the fact that she is satisfied with the way she is portrayed through the TV channel.

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– I think I will come out of it well, at least for now. These are the feedback I have received from people as well. Many people say they are surprised by me, but I do not quite understand. Who else should I be? I think people have the impression that I’m just a blonde, stupid blogger.

– Do you think people think that?

– Yes, obviously. It is probably the case that if you have that stamp of influence, people also have a picture of what and how it is. So I just take a hold of my own industry I then, she says with a smile.

SMILE AND LO: Øde Nerdum and Annijor developed a close friendship during the TV recording.  Photo: Espen Solli / TV 2

SMILE AND LO: Øde Nerdum and Annijor developed a close friendship during the TV recording. Photo: Espen Solli / TV 2
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No chronic love grief

According to the 24-year-old, her friends have expressed that they are proud of her.

– But then the same friends have a great need to tell that their parents again I think make a good figure. But I just do not understand why people are surprised that I appear as I do. My friends know I’m like that, but it’s everyone else I think of.

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She continues:

– It seems that people think I am sad all the time, that I have chronic love grief. Maybe that’s what it’s all about. But that’s certainly not how I am.

GOOD FRIENDS: Espen Thoresen, Anniken Jørgensen and Terje Sporsem quickly found the tone on «Farmen kjendis».  Photo: TV 2

GOOD FRIENDS: Espen Thoresen, Anniken Jørgensen and Terje Sporsem quickly found the tone of “Farmen kjendis”. Photo: TV 2
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– What do you think about people who do not know you to think so much about you?

– I have been in this industry for so long that it is not something I think about anymore. People get to think what they want, and then I know myself how everything is. If my friends had thought I was a piece of shit, maybe you should take yourself in the neck, but it takes quite a lot for me to have a good day because someone has said something ugly to me. I’ve got my doses up through.

– Layer upon layer of shit

As Se og Hør has previously mentioned, this year’s celebrities, like previous seasons, have been able to negotiate certain special agreements about what they can bring into the yard of luxury items. Some have also stretched the elastic and snuck small things with them.

Jørgensen admits that she smuggled lip balm into Lundereid farm in Kragerø.

– Some people think you look well-groomed considering that you have been there for almost four weeks, Anniken?

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– Ha ha, that’s a pure lie! We really do not look clean. Sometimes when I watch this on TV I think “you should just know, know how we smelled”.

– Was it that bad?

– Yes, we did not have hot water, so we had to boil it – and you do not have time to boil hot water, and then get it lukewarm before washing. You would be seen as a jerk in that case. We got so dirty that you could finally scrape off dirt on your arm, it lay layer upon layer of shit, says the “Farm celebrity” participant.

– My whole body was dirty

She describes the situation as quite difficult the longer it took.

– People’s sheets eventually turned brown! There is really no hygiene, although we tried our best by washing our hair with green soap. I went with greasy hair all the time, and had not smelled my own sweat since I was 12 years old. Deodorant is an underestimated thing, says Jørgensen with a laugh.

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However, the influencer believes that she is not a big consumer of various beauty products in the “real” world either.

– I do not think much about that. But I want to smell good. The worst thing for me was maybe the hair, I do not think it is a digg to have oily hair. Because then I felt that my whole being was dirty, Annijor states to See and Hear.

Last week it was Markus Bailey (28) who had to leave «The farm celebrity».

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