Anosmia Facts and How to Restore Your Smell due to Covid-19

LENGKONG, AYOBANDUNG.COM – Various symptoms felt by patients who are positive for Covid-19 as we already know are fever, weakness and loss of appetite because the olfactory function is disrupted due to the virus.

This olfactory disorder is called anosmia or a condition in which a person’s nose cannot smell something.

Quoting from the journal Anosmia in COVID-19: Neurobiological Studies written by Dwi Martha Nur Aditya, anosmia can cause depression because a person who experiences it cannot smell and taste the food he eats.

As a result, the average person with anosmia loses his appetite for food for some time. In fact, in COVID-19 patients, a large and nutritious food intake is needed to restore the body’s immunity.

Therefore, it is important for Covid-19 patients to demand that they can eat while their sense of smell cannot enjoy the smell of the food they eat. Covid-19 patients must be able to apply food management so that their condition can quickly recover as usual.

Here are the tips that have been summarized by to restore appetite when stricken with anosmia, including:

Doctor Consultation

Before self-diagnosing the severity of anosmia or not, you can first consult a doctor. Quote from Healthline, There are 4 types of tests to treat anosmia. The four tests include CT scans (seeing the state of the brain in detail through X-rays), MRI scans (seeing the condition of the brain through radio and magnetic signals), X-rays (on the skull bone), and Nasal endoscopy (seeing conditions inside the nose). ).

Train your Olfaction

Launching from Verywell Health, The researchers say that practicing smell can make the nose detect smells again. Although this method is not yet known how effective it is, it can be tried especially for Covid-19 patients who are self-isolating at home. Launching from Health Line, according to Nicole Aaronson, a pediatric ENT specialist from Alfred I. duPont Hospital of Children stated that this olfactory exercise can be done at home.

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According to Aaronson, the practice of smelling can be tried by smelling all four of the same odors in one day. He said using the same smell would be more effective than using a different smell. Some of the odor sources that Aaronson suggests include cloves, vanilla, mint, citrus, eucalyptus, rose or coffee grounds. [Cicin Yulianti]


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