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Another controversial entries by Korwin-Mikke. “This is the interest of Poland”

On Monday, one of the leaders of the Confederation, Janusz Korwin-Mikke, caused outrage by questioning information about Russian crimes in Ukraine.

“I’m getting very suspicious”

Today, the politician continues to comment on the events in Ukraine, admitting at the same time that he supports Kyiv in this conflict.


“I support Ukraine in this war – not because I love Ukraine, but because it is Poland’s interest. And many simply love Ukraine and cannot bear to point out its flaws” – explains the MP on Twitter.

“If Janek invents Bronek – and does not let me hear Bronek’s answer – my suspicions that Janek is lying, are growing strongly. And I would gladly expose the Kremlin’s lies – were it not for the fact that I do not know them, because I” protect “me from them censorship. So I am becoming very suspicious! ” – Korwin-Mikke continues.

In his next post, the politician returns to the subject of photos of the crimes committed by the Russians.


“The Moving Dead” is the Serpent Islet the other way. A sensible guy sent me this, I was tweeting at the moment so I added ADVANTING that I CANNOT EVALUATE it myself. The guy quickly figured it out, but instead of warning me … he deleted the SKYPE entry! there are illusions in the shaking mirror “- writes the MP.

Korwin-Mikke about the crime in Bucza

On Monday, Korwin-Mikke challenged the official version of the events in Bucza near Kiev in the social media. The politician’s attention was drawn, among others, to untouched houses.

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“Have you noticed that the houses are almost intact (surely not …)? And you thought why people are hiding in mass graves – and not their relatives (there were 36,000 in Bucza)? street? Look and THINK! It doesn’t hurt “- he said.

The politician further states that even if some of the inhabitants left the town, “they would certainly be back within an hour after the Russians left! And they would take care of the burial of their relatives”.

Then the MP shared a photo with the bodies of the murdered people. The photo shows, among others naked, several-year-old child with tied hands. “These MAY be the victims of the Russians. Or a family murdered by Ukrainians because they went to collaborate. They don’t have to be corpses at all: no wounds are visible. And why are the faces, as well as in other photos, covered? I don’t believe ANYONE of the war “- said the politician.

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