Another horse dies in Santa Anita during training


Less than two weeks before the start of the most important race meeting in Santa Anita's history, there was death during the Monday training at Arcadia track.

Zeke, a 4 year old family trained by Dean Pederson, was diagnosed with a pill break after being pulled up while working on the training road, which is considered to be the safest surface at Santa. Anita. Veterinarians only tried to save the horse at 11 p.m. He decided that euthanasia was the best option.

“The loss has caused everyone at Santa Anita and across the Stronach Group to be spoiled,” said Dr. Dionne Benson, head of the Stronach Group's vet, on Santa Anita's. “We are carefully reviewing what factors may cause Zeke's injury. Santa Anita will continue to work closely with the California Horse Racing Board and will continue to be transparent with all our stakeholders and partners, including the public, as more facts come in. ”

Before Monday's death, there were 1,034 workouts without incident, officials said. Santa Anita opened for training after Del Mar Mar summer has been closed and racing to move to Los Alamitos.

Benson said that UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine would take a photocopy, a mandatory procedure for all on-line accidents. The California Horse Racing Board will then review the accident and necropsy reports.

Zeke was held on August 29 at Del Mar, where he finished the fifth in a claims race. Pederson claimed it from that race from the owners Tom Acker, Rudy Lapera, Scott Knight, Alan McKean and Jason Ehrlicher for $ 25,000.

Santa Anita is under an unprecedented scrutiny of safety concerns after 30 deaths in the winter-spring meeting of the railway. The trail has put in place a number of measures to try and resolve the mystery as to why so many horses died.

New medical protocols were put in place to ensure that the horses were as sound as possible before running. In addition, Santa Anita returned her season to install a new drainage system.

The sport in a long stretch of racing is currently safe. It is 14 weeks since a horse died on racing. Zeke is the fifth training death in Southern California from the last day of Santa Anita on 23 June. Four horses died during training at Del Mar's seven-week meeting. Two of the fatalities resulted from a freak accident on the second day of the meeting when a horse threw its wheels and initially ran into another horse killing both animals immediately.

The Santa Anita racing falls meet on Friday, 27 September.


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