Another Princess of Asturias of Sports, another tumbo of the prize without direction

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American skier Lindsey Vonn

There are questions that should not be asked of children. "What do you want to achieve in life?" Is one of them. TOLindsey VonnThey asked her at school for an answer, damned language exercises, and she, who already excelled in skiing, defined her future. "I want to qualify for the Olympic Games and achieve more victories than any other woman in history," redact. And I nailed it. She qualified for the Games and won more races than any other woman, but both achievements did not maintain the expected relationship. Vonn, legend of the World Cup, retired this February with a unique Olympic gold, in the descent of the 2010 Vancouver Games, and two serious injuries in the other Games of his career, Turn 2006 and Sochi 2014.

She was one of the best female skiers ever, but … Was she the best? His palmars does not allow sentencing.

That's why your choice asPrincess of Asturias Award for Sports 2019It is debatable. One more tumbo for an award that still does not know which awards. To the best athletes of all time? To the best nationals? To great teams? To the most meditative events? The just appraisal of such different categories is impossible and that is why every year the election baffles.

In its beginnings, since 1987, the criterion was more or less solid: to reward the best athletes in history. Although there were already rarities, how to give the award toJuan Antonio Samaranchafter awarding Barcelona the Games of 1992 orSito Ponsfor being a 250cc champion, the list offers a sense:Sebastian Coe, Severiano Ballesteros, Sergei Bubka, Miguel Indurain-too soon, that's-,Javier Sotomayor, Martina Navratilova, Hassiba Boulmerka or Carl Lewis. The taste for athletics was exaggerated, but it was difficult to discuss the names. With a changing jury, little by little that criterion was changing and, after introducing teams (Brazil's soccer team) and events (the Tour de France), the prize became nationally exaggerated.

Two football players, ICasillas and Xavi Hernndez, and two of basketball,the Gasol brothers, they came to pick it up in duplicate: that was too much.

And for that reason in the last three years the prize has tried to recover some internationalization between doubts. In 2017, theAll Blacks, last year to the climbersReinhold Messner and Krzysztof Wielickiand in this edition to Vonn. The footprint left by everyone in their respective sports is remarkable, but it is difficult to find an argument between those three prizes: the best team in history, two pioneers and a great athlete – maybe not the best – with a lot of meditative pull. Who will be next? It is impossible to even make a betting pool. It could be anyone. You can not know what is rewarded.

P.S. For tumbles, ste:Lance Armstrongremains as the Princess of Asturias Award for Sports 2000.

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