Another short circuit of Dynamo in the end, Liberec is celebrating! Vondráček destroyed Motor |

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Pardubice in the finish of the 25th round of the Tipsport extra league challenged Liberec at home, the matches did not reach the winning end in the end and fell after extra time. The overture of the 27th round between České Budějovice and Karlovy Vary was dominated by the guests 5: 2.

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After two thirds, Energie led 1-0, but in the last third, the bag tore with goals. And especially the audience saw an unbelievable thing …

In the last twenty minutes, six goals were scored: and three of them were scored by guest captain Tomáš Vondráček.

And what more…

Vondracek scored three goals in weakening, he made history!

He weakened them all, which no one has succeeded in the history of the Czech top competition. He scored three extra shots in five minutes and 21 seconds.

Thanks to him, Karlovy Vary is taking home three points and they have moved four positions forward in the table, currently in ninth place. The engine, on the other hand, did not build on the victory against Sparta.

Jaroslav Modrý (coach of České Budějovice): “A quick goal helped the opponents. It took us a long time to get to the contact goal. It’s a pity that we didn’t take a huge chance at the end of the second period, maybe the match would have turned out differently. But we were still pulling for a shorter end. We have no choice but to congratulate our opponents on victory and prepare for the next match. “

Tomáš Mariška (assistant coach of Karlovy Vary): “We have a difficult series behind us, we played four matches every other day. That’s why we arrived the match the day before and this move paid off. A quick first goal helped us and then we fulfilled the game plan one hundred percent. We gave a dedicated performance supported by the excellent Filip Novotný in goal and a hat-trick in the weakening of captain Tomáš Vondráček. We gained an extremely valuable three points with a quality opponent who was dangerous throughout the match. “

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Goals and recordings: 47. Abdul (Gulaš, L. Pech), 55. Percy (D. Voženílek, Vondrka) – 1. T. Mikúš (O. Beránek), 45. Koblasa (Plutnar, T. Mikúš), 54. Vondráček (Flek) , 55. Vondracek (Dlapa), 60. Vondracek (T. Havlin, Flek).
Referee: Šír, Kika – Lhotský, Svoboda.
Exclusion: 3:6.
Use: 2:1.
Weakening: 0:3.
Shots on goal: 20:26.
Viewers: 4508.
The best players: Petr Senkerik – Tomas Vondracek.
HC Motor Ceske Budejovice: Hrachovina – Šenkeřík, Piskáček, Bindulis, Percy, Vráblík, M. Jandus, Štich – J. Ondráček, L. Pech, Gulaš – Abdul, M. Hanzl, Vondrka – Chlubna, Valský, M. Beránek – Holec, Karabáček. Coaches: Modrý, P. Martinec and Fousek.
HC Energie Karlovy Vary: F. Novotný – Martin Rohan, Plutnar, Parkkonen, Dlapa, T. Havlín, Pulpán, L. Doudera – T. Rachůnek, Jiří Kulich, Flek – Immo, T. Mikúš, O. Beránek – Koblasa, Černoch, Kohout – Redlich, Hladonik, Vondracek. Coaches: Pešout and Mariška.

The match in Pardubice started with a solemn ceremony, the club awarded the members of the integrated rescue system directly on the ice.

Then began a duel of teams that had two defeats in a row. Liberec mainly needed points, but before the match he was only in 11th place.

And he started great against Dynamo: already in the 7th minute, Jan Ordoš sent him into the lead in a numerical advantage. The White Tigers bothered the third whole mainly with simplicity.

But the home duel turned after Adam Musil and Mark Hecl. It already seemed that three points would remain in Pardubice.


Dynamo failed again in the last minute, as in the previous match against Hradec, in which it lost 15 seconds before the end.

Now the same thing happened: seven seconds before the siren, Dávid Gríger equalized, and Tomáš Filippi completed the turn in overtime.

Richard Král (Pardubice coach): “It is difficult for me to evaluate it. From my point of view, we were sixty minutes better. We were more active and had good movement. I have nothing to complain about the players. There was a good commitment and we skated well. We should have used more powerlifting. If I’m not mistaken, we only used one, and that’s not enough. Seven seconds before the end, we get a goal in a situation where the discs may have blocked. Some players have been there for a long time, but we have to manage this better. We lost a lot of points in the last seconds. We deserved to win today and we are unhappy about it. “

Patrik Augusta (Liberec coach): “Given the development of the match, we are satisfied with the result. In the end we leveled and we managed to win in overtime. I think this is the first time we have earned an extra point, which is positive. The opponent was more active and we helped him with indiscipline. We can’t do so many fouls in such a match. The players fought the match and were rewarded with an extra point. “

HC DYNAMO PARDUBICE – WHITE TIGERS LIBEREC 2: 3 after extra time (0: 1, 1: 0, 1: 1 – 0: 1)

Goals and recordings: 36. A. Musil (R. Kousal), 44. Hecl (Paulovič, J. Mikuš) – 7. Ordoš (Filippi, M. Rosandić), 60. Gríger (Klepiš), 65. Filippi (M. Rosandić).
Referee: Jeřábek, Hradil – L.ederer, Rožánek.
Exclusion: 2:8.
Use: 1:1.
Shots on goal: 39:21.
Viewers: 5345.
The best players: Adam Musil – Petr Kvaca.
HC Dynamo Pardubice: Frodl – J. Mikuš, Nakládal, O. Vála, Košťálek, D. Robertson, J. Kolář, Hrádek – Paulovič, Poulíček, Blümel – R. Kousal, A. Musil, Hecl – Říčka, T. Urban, Cienciala – Koffer, Anděl, O. Rohlík. Coaches: Král, Havíř and P. Sýkora.
White Tigers Liberec: Kváča – M. Rosandić, Kolmann, M. Ivan, Melancon, Derner, Štibingr – Ordoš, Filippi, Gríger – A. Najman, Klepiš, M. Zachar – J. Vlach, P. Jelínek, Jiruš – A. Dlouhý, J. Width, Flap. Coaches: P. Augusta and Jiří Kudrna.

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Extraport League Tipsport

The team WITH V VP PP P Score Body
1. HC Oceláři Třinec 24 17 2 3 2 78:43 58
2. Mountfield HK 23 14 4 1 4 77:45 51
3. HC Dynamo Pardubice 23 10 5 2 6 71:58 42
4. HC Škoda Plzeň 25 11 2 4 8 81:72 41
5. BK Mladá Boleslav 24 11 3 2 8 59:56 41
6. HC Motor Ceske Budejovice 24 11 1 2 10 71:68 37
7. HC Olomouc 22 9 4 1 8 54:56 36
8. HC Kometa Brno 23 7 5 2 9 67:69 33
9. HC Energie Karlovy Vary 24 9 1 2 12 71:69 31
10. HC Sparta Prague 23 7 3 4 9 74:73 31
11. HC VERVA Litvínov 23 9 1 2 11 65:70 31
12. White Tigers Liberec 23 8 1 5 9 50:63 31
13. HC VÍTKOVICE RIDERA 22 8 2 1 11 40:54 29
14. Knights of Kladno 23 4 3 3 13 61:82 21
15. PSG Brave Zlin 23 2 1 3 17 40:80 11

Another Tipsport extra league program

Wednesday, November 24 – 6th round finish:

Thursday, November 25 – Round 26 overture:
17:30 PSG Berani Zlín – HC Oceláři Třinec (O2 TV Sport)

Friday, November 26 – Round 26:
17:30 HC VERVA Litvinov – HC Motor Ceske Budejovice
17:30 HC VÍTKOVICE RIDERA – HC Kometa Brno
17:30 HC Energie Karlovy Vary – BK Mlada Boleslav
18:00 Mountfield HK – HC Sparta Prague (O2 TV Sport)
18:00 White Tigers Liberec – HC Skoda Plzen

The Knights of Kladno – HC Dynamo Pardubice match will take place on December 9 from 18:00 within the D + D REAL Winter Hockey Games in Špindlerův Mlýn.

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