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Another wave of rising electricity prices. ČEZ and others will raise the price for the second time this summer

The price increase concerns, for example, ČEZ or Pražská energetika (PRE). The price increase of some products reaches tens of percent. Some providers have already raised prices since July 1, while others say they cannot rule out price increases.

ČEZ raises the price of electricity at the most common tariff for households (D02d) of the fixed product for three years already from July 1, and from August 1 it will raise prices again. Now one megawatt hour costs 6,025 crowns, since August 7,464 crowns, meaning no more than a fifth. For a product with a two-year fixation, the price will increase per month by seven percent to 7,501 crowns. “However, nothing has changed for customers who have signed contracts with us. Either in the case of fixed contracts or contracts for an indefinite period,” said ČEZ spokesman Roman Gazdík.

Gazdík points out that ČEZ has even made some of its price lists cheaper. If a customer comes now who wants to fix sales with ČEZ for a year, then in the case of gas, the price will be cheaper from August 1 than a month ago, while the price for electricity will remain the same the way for it. “If the customer wants to stay for two or three years, the price will be slightly higher. The wholesale price for two or more years before rising. The reason is more uncertainty regarding gas supplies to Europe from Russia, “said Gazdík.

In the second half of the year, about ten percent of ČEZ customers who buy gas will end up fixing them, in the case of electricity it is five percent. “For customers with a continuous fixation or a product for an indefinite period, nothing has changed,” said Gazdík.

From 1 August, Pražská energetika increased the price of non-fixed products PRE Current Nefix from the original 4,879 CZK to 7,505 CZK per megawatt-hour, ie about half. “The announced price adjustment is not a general increase. It only applies to certain products and affects only a small fraction of customers. This is less than two percent of our customers. The vast majority of our customers are not affected by the increase. this price, “said PRE spokeswoman Karel Hanzelka. Electricity prices on the wholesale market have increased several times in recent months, so, according to him, PRE has no other option than to raise the price.

Even Pražská plynárenská can not exclude a price increase. “Given the development of the wholesale market, price increases in the future can not be excluded. At the moment, however, it is still in the stage of analysis and consideration,” said spokesman Miroslav Vránek.

A number of suppliers have raised prices since July 1st. For example, innogy increased the price of the Optimal fixed gas product for three years by one hundred crowns to CZK 2,510 per megawatt hour. Innogy also increased the price of Start 12 products for one year and Garance 36 products for three years by one hundred crowns, to CZK 2,745 and CZK 2,540, respectively. Centropol also became more expensive. As of July 1, Mini product prices set for three years increased from the original 5,205 CZK to 6,381 CZK.

Electricity and gas prices have been rising since last fall. Electricity prices in the stock market have risen year on year from about 75 euros per megawatt hour to 332 euros today, according to information on the website Kurzy.cz.

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