Anticipating Non-Performing Loans, OJK Asks Banks to Prepare Pads

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Financial Fervices Authority (OJK) remind banking to start forming a backup in anticipation of a surge credit problematic after the credit restructuring policy is completed in March 2022.

The Chief Executive of the OJK Banking Supervision Heru Kristiyana said that his party provided relaxation to banks not to create reserves for impairment losses (CKPN) during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is because OJK allows banks to restructure credit.

Where, the results of the restructuring will be considered as current credit. However, he said that banks actually still need backups.

Companies must be prepared for the worst.

“Indeed, we view that with this restructuring policy there is no need for CKPN because the restructured credit proceeds are considered smooth. But we think that the formation of CKPN is not necessary. business as usual, don’t be complacent, “Heru said in the Financial Discussion Forum Webinar, Friday (20/11).

He said several banks had established CKPN in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, not a few banks have yet to prepare CKPN.

“I am never tired of reminding me to prepare CKPN. Fertilize slowly,” added Heru.

If the banking CKPN is adequate, then management does not need to worry if non-performing loans soar when the credit restructuring relaxation policy ends in 2022. He said there is still a possibility that debtors will be in arrears in 2022.

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“Be grateful if the debtor is healthy (after the restructuring until 2022), but if there is a problem at the end, CKPN does not yet exist, you will be surprised,” said Heru.

On the same occasion, President Director of PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk Darmawan Junaidi said that his party had prepared a special CKPN for debtors who were going to conduct restructuring. CKPN was formed in anticipation of banks if there were still many non-performing loans when the restructuring policy was completed.

“We are more prudent, we form a special CKPN related to the anticipation that the debtor restructures but the restructuring policy is not extended any longer,” Darmawan said.

With a special CKPN, Darmawan hopes that the company’s cash flow will not be disrupted. Thus, companies do not need to use capital funds allocated for post-Covid-19 expansion.

He stated that so far his party had restructured credit amounting to Rp116 trillion. This credit restructuring was provided for a number of sectors, such as construction, trade, manufacturing, real estate, transportation, agriculture, mining, and entertainment.

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