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Antigen test, PCR or antibodies

In addition, the percentage of people vaccinated with the complete schedule exceeds 90% of the population in the Valencian Community and the administration of booster doses of covid vaccine advance at a forced march. More than 2 million have already received the third dose of the vaccine. The coincidence of these two circumstances, an extreme spread of the virus in a population highly immunized against the most serious effects of the disease, is causing some patients to have been infected with the new variant of covid, the Omicron, and they may not have noticed or paid attention to the symptoms.

In many cases, infections are ongoing with asymptomatic pictures, without symptoms, or with very mild symptoms that could be confused with other pathologies such as the flu or a cold.

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How do I know then if I have had covid?

Actually there are few options. If there are no symptoms, it is absurd to undergo a antigen test because experts consider that the viral load would be so low that it would be negative in this type of test. In the same way, PCR tests can detect the slightest presence of virus I live in the body by tracing its RNA, but it’s also not very useful if the infection has happened a long time ago and the patient has already overcome it.

Finally, there are only antibody tests. Unlike the rest, these tests do not look for or detect the virus but the antibodies that the immune system generates when exposed to infection. In theory, a person who tested positive in these tests would have passed the disease except in the current context: more than 90% of the vaccinated population.

Vaccinated people are also protected by antibodies but not by exposure to the disease but by the vaccine. That is why they would also give a positive in an antigen test.

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