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Antivaxers have often had a bad childhood – Wel.nl

You wonder how it is that so many people are willing to get sick or let their child get very sick because of a fallacy.

A new study suggests the answer lies much deeper than people think. Duke University researchers say the fierce opposition to vaccines and coronavirus policies may have its roots in childhood. Growing up in an atmosphere of mistrust leads to resistance to authority later in life.

Researchers used data from the Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health and Development Study that followed nearly 1,000 people born in a New Zealand city between 1972 and 1973. Researchers have been measuring each person’s social, psychological and health factors since childhood — giving scientists insight into how a person’s childhood affects adulthood.

The scientists looked at whether people who are now against vaccinations had a common childhood trait.

That turns out to be the case. Today’s wappie had more negative experiences in his/her childhood than others. It’s about abuse, neglect, threats, or poverty. “That suggests they’ve been taught from an early age ‘not to trust the adults,'” said lead author Terrie Moffitt. ‘They learned that in childhood, from their experiences at home. And that kind of learning at that age leaves a legacy of mistrust. It is so entrenched that it automatically evokes extreme emotions.”

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