Antonio Serrano and Constanza Lechner present their album in Madrid


Considered one of the best harmonicists in the world, Antonio Serrano publishes and presents in concert with Constanza Lechner his new work "Spanish and Argentine Classics" An album where they interpret themes of Falla, Granados, Sarasate, Guastavino and Piazzolla.

After numerous collaborations of Antonio Serrano with Oliver Dragojević, a Croatian artist considered one of the most enduring musical stars and cultural icons in Croatia, a proposal came from the director of the Sarajevo classical music festival, who commissioned Antonio Serrano a recital classic. For this, Antonio decided to join the precise and brilliant classical pianist Constance Lechner.

The choice of the repertoire was a challenge for both of them and finally they decided to play works composed by musicians from the countries of origin of both, Spain and Argentina. They worked hard to perform in Sarajevo, but it was worth it. The project is being a success, and soon new concert proposals arrived for other countries.

The dates of the concerts They are as follows:

September 7, Seville

September 21, Circle of Fine Arts, Madrid

November 9, Slovenia

November 11, Rome



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