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Anyone worried: sapojnik – LiveJournal

Very touched, friends, by the fact that you worry about such a stupid topic as “where did the Shoemaker go.” I’ll immediately hasten to reassure you: my absence for 3 days has nothing to do with the monstrous epidemic of the monstrous cove! Somehow, until the terrible virus does not take me – perhaps I have everything ahead.

And maybe not. As d’Artagnan said in a similar case, apologizing to the musketeers who all three challenged him to a duel: I apologize, they say, but only because I can’t be able to give satisfaction to all three. After all, the first duel will be with Athos, which means that if Athos kills him first, both remaining will be left without satisfaction! So it is with me: we must apologize to the cove – since all sorts of other diseases can leave you without the Shoemaker much earlier!

Yes, somewhere in March, I’ve been sausage not childish: either pressure surges for 200, then terrible allergies, or something else (awkward). As my mother used to say, “somehow I am dying a little.” But I still want to live, so I hope I can handle it. I’m not in the hospital. I hope to resume activity in the coming days. Over the past two months, I have felt in a special way my favorite phrase from my favorite film: “Lord, I’m tired of dying!”

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