Apache OpenOffice ignores the LibreOffice call that invited it to abdicate

There will be no reconciliation between Apache OpenOffice and LibreOffice. At least for now. The first did not respond to the second’s invitation.

Some would say it is eloquent silence. On October 12, LibreOffice launched a call for Apache OpenOffice to invite him to look reality in the face : its office suite is just a shadow of itself. It is abandoned, except for fixes published from time to time to remove a bug here, a security vulnerability there. Conversely, LibreOffice enjoys a strong dynamism, with regular updates. In short, it is day and night.

Three days later, Apache OpenOffice broke its silence, but not to react to LibreOffice, which suggested that it throw in the towel and join it. In a blog post Released on October 15, the project simply celebrated the twentieth anniversary of OpenOffice.org, which is the common parent of LibreOffice and Apache Office, by congratulating itself on the software’s success and giving voice to some members of the community.

LibreOffice had also celebrated the twentieth anniversary of its predecessor and it was also on this occasion that this arrest took place.

LibreOffice benefits from a much higher dynamic than Apache OpenOffice. // Source: Nguyen Hung Vu

An upcoming update for Apache OpenOffice?

However, Apache OpenOffice knows that its office suite is in trouble: the proof with an old cry for help, passed last May, in which it was admitted that its office suite ” needs people to help him in the development process », But also to test the software, check its quality and reliability, participate in translations, write documentation or submit bug reports.

In its May post, Apache OpenOffice also mentioned being ” on track for a larger update to the leading open source office suite », Without further details. Since then, no more news. However, the last time Apache OpenOffice was updated for something other than a bug or a vulnerability, it was April 29, 2014, with version 4.1.

This wandering in the development of Apache OpenOffice – according to LibreOffice calculations, in 2019 there were only 595 code submissions for Apache OpenOffice, against more than 15,000 on its side – is all the more paradoxical in view the still massive success of this project, with more than 300 million downloads and dozens of languages ​​translated.

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