Apache “responds” to LibreOffice by celebrating 20 years of OpenOffice

A few days ago, the Document Foundation published an open letter calling on Apache and OpenOffice developers to stop the charges. LibreOffice is much more active, progressing quickly and is present by default in the vast majority of Linux distributions.

The Apache Foundation answer without answering. It is content to announce the 20 years of OpenOffice, its 300 million downloads, its strong brand, its use by a number “ incalculable »Of individuals, organizations and institutions, its support of 120 languages, etc. It would even be the preferred choice of governments wishing to work in ODF.

Not a word about LibreOffice, but a reaffirmation of what the Document Foundation was rightly criticizing: branding. However, the latter has not been based on much for years. Activity within the project is very slow, with only a few bug fixes.

In any case, the Document Foundation has its answer.


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