Apart from Indonesia, Covid-19 skyrocketed in 4 countries that use Sinovac

JawaPos.com The effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccine is hope for a country to reduce the number of new cases. It’s just that, despite trying to buy Sinovac vaccine from China and giving doses to some of its citizens, Indonesia is now facing a new wave due to the Covid-19 mutation. Not only Indonesia, four other countries also reported the same thing.

The countries in question are the Seychelles, Mongolia, Chile, and Bahrain. The four in recent months have relied on Chinese vaccines to inoculate and return to normal during the pandemic. The four countries have administered at least one dose of the vaccine to most of their populations, ranging from 58.7 percent for Mongolia to nearly 72 percent for the Seychelles. However, they are now battling a new wave of Covid-19 infections that scientists say shouldn’t be happening.

Some experts say one of the main reasons could be the vaccine itself. The millions of doses that China has administered to these countries in recent months may not be very effective in containing the Covid-19 disease, especially when dealing with the new virus variant that has triggered outbreaks in regions around the world.

“If the vaccine is good enough, we shouldn’t see this pattern,” Jin Dongyan, a virologist at Hong Kong University, told the New York Times. Hindustan Times.

“China has a responsibility to fix this,” he added.

Others point to the scarcity of data emerging from China, be it clinical trials for vaccines or efficacy and safety results. China itself has approved 7 domestically developed vaccines, including two for children as young as three years old.

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Editor: Edy Pramana

Reporter: Marieska Harya Virdhani


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