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Apex Legends: the original map will be available again shortly

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Good news for all players of Apex Legends: Respawn Entertainment has announced it since tomorrow until February 24 will be available again The canyon of the kings (Kings Canyon, in the original language) or in the original battle royale map.

In this way, the Californian team will make two groups of players happy in one fell swoop: the most nostalgic, which will be able to resize the battlefield that accompanied the launch of the game a year ago; the new arrivals, who after learning the ends of the world (Edge of the world) will discover the past of the game. The latter, we recall, went to replace the original one on the occasion of the launch of season 3 of Apex Legends, which took place at the beginning of last October.

Respawn Entertainment specified it the original map will go next to the current one, not to replace it, so players will have the opportunity to land and fight on both, even if for a limited period. If you don’t know it, you can taste it by looking at the short clip packaged by Respawn Entertainment for the occasion and that we have attached to the bottom of this news.

We take this opportunity to remind you that the Apex Legends Octane Edition was launched in physical format, which offers a code to get various game bonuses, including the legendary Arachnid of Octane costume.
and the legendary skin of the spider bite weapon for the Radius sniper rifle.

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