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Apex Legends unveiled Forge to fool the dataminers

In today’s interconnected world, secrets are hard to keep, even for the big companies in the industry. Fortnite and Apex Legends, two of the battle royale of the moment, have suffered the leaks of many of its contents in advance, but that does not mean that the studies have no tools to confuse the so-called dataminers. In fact, that Forge uncovered as the possible new legend was a tactic of Respawn Entertainment To fool the filters.

Jason McCord confirmed it in an interview with Dot Esports. The design director explained that this idea came from the designer Rayme Vinson, in an attempt to confuse the miners after these filtered the character of Revenant months before the premiere of Season 4 of Apex Legends, Assimilation. This measure was taken, according to the developers, with the aim of preserve the surprise of the players, something that in the current times, in which entire events are disemboweled ahead of time, are more the exception than usual.

“Actually, we purposefully filter a fake conceptual art and details of the Forge kit in the patches, ”McCord explains. In this way, they gained time before the announcement. “It’s quite crazy. I can’t remember any other game that has used this kind of ploy. ”

What happened to Forge?

Forge appeared in several videos as the new Legend of Apex Legends, something that many took for granted since their first appearance. However, after a marketing maneuver, this character was killed by Resalent, the protagonist who was truly destined to be the next Legend. More android than man, this bloodthirsty character moves and acts out of hate, so everyone who gets in his way has all the tickets to end up underground, dead and buried.

Apex Legends is a free-to-play available in PS4, Xbox One and PC. Although it has not been released on Nintendo Switch, a version for mobile devices is planned, for now with no announced release date. The battle royale has just been updated with one of the most demanded features, the Inventory expansion.

Source | Dot eSports

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