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Apple AirPods is now on sale for Prime Day


Find the best wireless headphones at an uncommon low price. (Photo: Reviewed / TJ Donegan) t

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Happy First Day, everyone! One of the best things about this annual shopping holiday is dealing with something that has never been almost discounted (coughing, coughing Apple products). Let's be honest, there is no need to have sales at Apple, because everyone buys their things regardless of the story, but that's the main thing that makes the sales of First Day are sought by more AirPods special.

Right now on Amazon the latest popular model Apple AirPods are available for $ 144.99 one, rather than their normal $ 159 price. I know that $ 14 discount doesn't recognize as the world's largest price fall, but when it comes to something being so uncommon with selling Apple, I take what I can get.

When we tested the best wireless headphones in 2019, we chose AirPods as the best on the market. We had excellent sound quality, which was better than their wire counterparts. We also loved the light they were, how close they were to other Apple products, and their ultra-long battery life.

The main members are already buying these in boys, so they won't be back in stock until July 23. You can now order them on this sale price, and wait a week or so to deliver. Not to light a fire about yourself, but we expect that these will be out of stock by the time the Main Day comes to an end at 12 o'clock PT (2:59 a.m. for East Coast). If you have a pair of AirPods for a while, you might want to act quickly.

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