Saturday, 19 Jan 2019

Apple could unveil new iPhone before September

The hypothesis of an iPhone Special Edition 2 resumes the thickness on the side of Eurasia. The Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC), the body that gives the green light to the marketing of electronic products in Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan or Russia, recently approved eleven iPhone references whose numbers do not match any existing model .

As the website reports ConsoMac , these identifiers could correspond to the international versions of new Apple smartphones that support different network standards.

In the past, EEC approvals have already preceded the release of Apple news. Last February, the commission certified several iPad references in Europe. Apple announced the iPad 2018 a month later.

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Answer on June 4th during the WWDC

The document published by ConsoMac specifies that the new certifications evolve under the iOS 11 operating system, which will not be not replaced by iOS 12 before autumn . These new models would therefore be marketed before September. Apple could lift the veil on these new devices at its next event, WWDC, its conference for developers , which starts on June 4th. Last year, the company announced the HomePod and new Macs.

No other information has filtered about the nature of the approved iPhone. With regard to the usual schedule of Apple , which launches its new flagship smartphones in September, it could be refreshing another segment of the range.

Several specialized media are betting on the iPhone SE, the small iPhone sold 419 euros which has not been updated since its launch end of March 2016. In recent months, several rumors have announced an update of the device with newer components and a more modern design in the first half.

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