Apple Develops Anxiety and Depression Detection Feature on iPhone, Jakarta – Apple is reportedly working on features to detect depression, anxiety, autism, and cognitive decline that can progress to Alzheimer’s or other dementias.

Report Wall Street Journal This detection of depression and cognitive decline will use extensive personal data collected by sensors on Apple devices such as the iPhone and Apple Watch.

Reported New York Post, Wednesday (22/9/2021), the data collected includes information on users’ sleep patterns, physical activity, magnetic behavior, and others.

Quotes EngadgetThe researchers hope to analyze data such as mobility, sleep patterns, and how a person’s type can detect behaviors associated with these mental health conditions.

Other measurements may also include analysis of facial expressions, heart rate, and breathing, all of which are processed on the device without data being sent to Apple’s servers.

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Apple officially released the iPhone 12 to the market by presenting several variants. All variants of the iPhone 12 have 5G network capabilities.


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