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Apple employees are keeping secrets with Android mobiles

They would join a union, afraid of spying on their employer.

After a recent outbreak of unionization among U.S. tech workers, game developers and game testers, including game developers and game testers, are now joining forces to protect their interests. The Washington Post reports that employees at two stores will soon begin delivering paperwork, and at least six more stores are in the early stages of organizing.

Apple StoreSource: AFP / Justin Sullivan

While Apple is forced to pay about the local wage for similar work in all of its stores to keep employees, store employees can’t expect more than that. The company refuses to ask for a wage increase that is at least in line with inflation, keeping the real value of their earnings at the same level. This smallness annoys them, as we’re talking about a company that hasn’t been able to spend even its huge reserves of money since time immemorial, it could just afford to pay those working on the front lines fairly.

The most entertaining part of the report is that Apple employees participating in the union use Android smartphones and an encrypted chat service to communicate about the initiative.

They look out for Apple to be willing to spy on them to find out and sabotage their plans.

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