Apple Keynote 2020: iPad und Apple Watch statt iPhone 12

Corona messed up Apple CEO Tim Cook twice yesterday. First, the virus paralyzed the supply chain in Asia – that’s why there was no news about the iPhone 12. It will probably follow with a delay until October. Second, the “Apple Event” did not take place live at the headquarters in Cupertino (USA), but was orchestrated like a glossy Hollywood production. Much too clean!

Instead of new cell phones, Apple fans were kept happy with iPads and watches. The Apple Watch SE in particular catches the eye here. The new budget model is available in Switzerland from CHF 299. The newly launched Series 6 high-end model also measures the oxygen content in the blood. Tim Cook wants to position the watch even more as a fitness and health coach. The new fitness service with suitable workouts is not (yet) coming to Switzerland.

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