Apple Keynote from September 15: what could the next iPad look like?

File updated on September 15, 2020 with the addition of the video player to follow Apple’s live performance.

Apple is holding a conference this Tuesday, September 15 at 7 p.m. (French time), perhaps the opportunity to discover a new iPad with a positioning more accessible than the very expensive iPad Pro. Will Apple again offer an entry-level iPad? Will it have a USB-C port and a powerful keyboard? Maybe.

To follow Apple’s live, click on the player below:

Here is what we expect and what we would like to see on the next generation of iPad.

An iPad Air that would look like the iPad Pro

The most likely announcement is of a redesigned iPad Air that takes inspiration from the Pro. The latest report from Bloomberg indicates that a new iPad Air will debut alongside theApple Watch Series 6. Expect a larger screen with thinner bezels and a modern design.

Along with a processor upgrade (likely an A13), the new iPad Air could upgrade to USB-C instead of the Lightning port, which would be great news for purchasing standard chargers and other accessories. The iPad Air should however continue to be equipped with a Touch ID sensor, but it would be located on the side, like what is found on some Android smartphones.

A more efficient entry-level iPad?

The basic 10.2-inch iPad, worth 300 euros, is currently equipped with an A10 processor, which is quite old. It could evolve and take advantage of a new processor (A12 or higher) and instantly become a better device. Hopefully this will happen, for application compatibility and performance.

USB-C for the whole range?

The Lightning port could live its last hours on the iPad, the whole range should switch, like the iPad Pro. Especially since MacBooks use USB-C and Thunderbolt 3. This leaves only the iPhone in the Lightning camp, at least for now.

Sanho HyperDrive USB-C Hub for iPad Pro

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A new keyboard would be helpful

The expensive Magic Keyboard Apple is pretty fantastic, with a keyboard and trackpad that look like a laptop. It would be interesting if Apple could offer a more affordable version for the new iPad Air, especially sinceiPadOS fully relies on trackpads.


Scott Stein/CNET

Augmented reality and iPad: a possible evolution?

Apple’s aspirations for augmented reality have always been driven by apps and services. The invitation for the September 15th event contains an “easter egg” suggesting that augmented reality could make a comeback, perhaps for education?

An upgraded processor on an iPad Air could enable the latest features in Apple’s SDK, and a larger screen could take advantage of some of the ideas that currently exist on the iPad Pro. A new iPad Air is unlikely to feature the iPad Pro’s Lidar sensor, but Apple could take the opportunity to introduce more voice recognition software.

Unlikely: a camera for video chat

Video chats are boring on iPads. Although they have good cameras, the front sensor is still positioned for use in portrait mode. Position it in landscape mode (which is useful for everyday work) and you have the impression of looking into the distance, into the void.

Apple’s event is scheduled for September 15.

ipad zoom tips

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