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Apple MacBook Pro Review with ARM M1 Chip – We’ll find a lot of good stuff here, but there are also some flaws

We recently discussed the performance of the Apple M1 ARM chip against the Intel Tiger Lake processors (Intel Core i7-1165G7 and Intel Core i7-11800H) and AMD Cezanne APU (AMD Ryzen 7 5800U and AMD Ryzen 7 5800H). The processor’s results were impressive especially where applications natively used the Apple M1 chip. Compared to x86 processors, the overall energy efficiency and maintaining full performance after switching to battery power are very good. This time, to close the topic, we have prepared a review of the Apple MacBook Pro laptop in size 13.3 “. The previous article focused on performance, temperatures and battery. However, each laptop is more than a processor, so we also evaluate the hardware as a whole.

Author: Damian Marusiak

The Apple MacBook Pro 13 was presented just over a year ago, but it still seems to be a very interesting choice. Especially for people who are interested in buying a new MacBook, but at the same time do not want or cannot afford to buy one of this year’s models – MacBook Pro 14 or MacBook Pro 16, which are offered in amounts from over 10,000 to over 30,000 PLN. The topic of laptops on Windows and MacBooks in one statement has long aroused lively discussions. Some prefer to use the Microsoft system, others prefer to use macOS, prepared by Apple. Each of these systems has its own strengths and weaknesses. While I personally use Windows on a daily basis, I do not use macOS properly at all. The last time was 2018, when I prepared a loose review of the MacBook Air (which, by the way, some readers point out to me in the comments …). After three years, there was an opportunity to see what macOS offers. My review of the MacBook Pro 13 is a summary of the monthly use of the laptop. In many ways, I am very happy with what Apple has offered on this device. But I wasn’t thrilled enough to ditch Windows for Mac.

The Apple MacBook Pro with the ARM M1 chip has already been checked by us in terms of performance, temperatures and battery life. In this publication, we will focus on the performance, keyboard, screen and the Monterey version of the MacOS operating system.

Apple M1 versus Intel Tiger Lake and AMD Cezanne processors – is ARM faster than traditional x86?

The heart of last year’s Apple MacBook Pro laptop is the proprietary ARM M1 chip. It was the first generation of processors prepared by the manufacturer. Previously, it used Intel processors, often in a modified version and practically unavailable anywhere else. This era, however, has come to an end (perhaps irretrievably, with which Pat Gelsinger, the current head of Intel, judging by his bold promises to regain Apple’s trust, apparently refuses to accept), and now it’s time to introduce your own solutions, which will allow you to maintain full control at the same time over the hardware and software sectors. The tested configuration of the laptop uses the full M1 variant with 8 CPU cores and 8 GPU cores, juxtaposed with 16 GB of LPDDR4x RAM memory and an SSD with a capacity of 256 GB. At the time of writing the review, the price of the notebook was around PLN 7,000.

Apple MacBook Pro Review with ARM M1 Chip - We'll find a lot of good stuff here, but there are also some flaws [nc1]

MacOS Monterey update in practice. We check the system dedicated to Apple Mac computers

This review will focus on those aspects of the test procedure that were not covered in the ARM M1 Performance Test. Therefore, we will focus on the overall quality of workmanship, equipment, accessories (keyboard, touchpad). There will be matrix measurements with the reliable X-Rite i1 DisplayPro colorimeter. We will also take a look at the macOS operating system, which was dubbed Monterey in the latest update. We remind you that the Mac update is now available and anyone interested can download the macOS update. For my part, I will focus more on how I used the Apple software. It will therefore be an assessment from the perspective of a typical Microsoft Windows user. On PurePC.pl you will also find a review by Marcin, who likes Apple the most in the editorial office :).



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