Apple releases iOS 14.2.1 to fix some issues

Issued a company Apple version 14.2.1 of the iOS system with a number of fixes, including: The fix that the company says: It will address the problems of the lock screen that have become unresponsive in the new iPhone 12 mini.

The American tech giant had launched its small smartphone (iPhone 12 mini) last Friday, but users reported issues with the sensitivity of the lock screen after a short period of use. Some users have had problems scrolling up from the bottom of the lock screen when trying to unlock their phones, as well as problems pressing the flashlight or camera buttons.

Apple says: iOS 14.2.1 will also fix issues with no Receive some MMSAnd address sound quality problems with some hearing aids made for use with iPhones.

And in previous news, Apple said on Wednesday: It will reduce the commission rate in the App Store to 15 percent for software developers whose annual net sales on its platform do not exceed $ 1 million.

Apple currently charges a commission of 30 percent of the total price For paid apps, and in-app purchases That are offered through the app store. And for some small app makers, the new policy could cut the amount they pay Apple in half.

Apple says: The App Store Small Business Program will start on January 1, and that eligible developers will receive a reduced app store commission in exchange for paid app purchases and in-app purchases. New developers who have not previously published an app on the App Store will be automatically eligible for the new commission rate.

Apple is believed to be seeking, through this step, to show goodwill to lawmakers around the world, who are increasingly becoming They focus on their app store businessWhich is the only way for most people to install software on iPhone smartphones and iPad tablets. A report issued by the House of Representatives’ Judicial Subcommittee on Antitrust, which was published last October, says that Apple is making “more than normal profit” from the app store.

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