Monday, 10 Dec 2018

Apple: That’s why macOS and iOS stay separate

MacBook, iPad and iPhone © pixabay

Apple probably does not plan a merger of macOS and iOS.

e Inige Apple users hope for some time on a merger of the two Apple operating systems iOS and macOS. There was already evidence of a common app ecosystem at the end of 2017. Accordingly, the manufacturer from Cupertino reportedly works with the Project “Marzipan” on a platform that lets developers build applications that run on both systems. Apple CEO Tim Cook finds in an interview with Peter Wells of WAtoday but clear words – that speak against a union of systems.

Cook does not think OS merging is a good idea

Cook reveals that he uses a Mac at work. At home and while traveling, he likes to access the iPad. In his eyes, both devices are incredible – because the respective software is perfectly tailored to the individual purposes of the platforms. A merger would, according to the statements of the Apple CEO to compromise and worsen the software. Cook’s less concerned with getting even more efficiency out of Apple software. Rather, he wants to “give people things they use to change the world, express their passion, or express their creativity.” Therefore, he does not believe that users want a corresponding merger.

Project Marzipan: No common apps?

For project “marzipan” this does not directly mean the end. On the contrary: A unified platform for apps brings many benefits, such as reduced programming effort and faster implementation of new features. Provided the development environment is well implemented, this does not curtail the functionality and also does not harm the ease of use of the applications.

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