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Apple Watch 7 leak! What color variations are you interested in? | SlashGear Japan

Due to the leak, the next Apple Watch, commonly known asThe appearance of “Apple Watch 7” is revealedbecame. This latest watch series has become the symbol of the biggest change in industrial design since the product was born. The new Apple WatchThe display approaches the edge of the hardware, with rounded corners and a dial.Looks like.

Image based on the circuit diagram addressed to the manufacturer

This image was provided by Jon Prosser and Renders ByIan and was sent to the case maker prior to the hardware release.Most likely the image is based on a schematicIs believed to be.These are definitely these, as you can see from the involvement of the person whose handle name contains the word “renders”.Third party rendered imageis.

This version of Apple WatchSeems to refer to the latest iPad and iPhone designsis. In other words, the edges are a little flatter and the transition to the band is a little slower.

The dial of the Apple Watch is the same color as the edge and back of the metal caseIt seems to be. The red accents are a bit more subdued than when the dial was first introduced in red, with a ring rather than a crown or cap. The inside of the red ring is dark gray, which seems to assume the case of Apple Watch 7 regardless of the case color.

Diverse color variations following the iMac?

This design continues to avoid watch lugs and has a wealth of colors and materialsApple’s unique watch strapIs incorporated.

Looking at the expected colors of the Apple Watch 7, following the color variations of the iMac M1,Apple Watch devices may have similar color variationsIt is thought that it is curious.

If this is trueiPhone 13 may come in orange and pinkYou can think that there is. We look forward to seeing a pink iPhone that isn’t rose gold!

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