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Apple would develop technology to make its Lightning cables more resistant

Un câble Apple Lightning/USB-C. — APPLE

A document published this Thursday reveals that Apple has filed a patent for a “variable stiffness cable.” The invention has been registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Everything suggests that the apple brand is developing stronger charging cables, reports
Apple Insider, relayed by

It must be said that the Lightning cables used to power some iPhone have an annoying tendency to strip off their ends over time. They then become potentially dangerous and likely to generate false contacts.

More or less stiff materials

Modulated rigidity invented by engineers atApple may well allow future Lightning models to no longer have this defect. The pressure on the plugs would thus be relieved thanks to stiffer materials which would create “a localized increase in the resistance of the cable to bending”.

But this solution would present “in certain cases” the drawback of “an undesirable increased rigidity”. To achieve the desired result, the Cupertino company could therefore use an “outer sheath” made up of three layers with different degrees of rigidity.

A project with still blurred outlines

The patent filed by Apple does not at any time mention its chargers Lightning. This innovation could therefore be designed for other connectors of the Californian company.

Especially since the future iPhone 13 may well be devoid of a charging port. In any case, this is what a famous analyst announced last November. Apple is reportedly planning to popularize its MagSafe technology, which is based on a wireless connector.

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