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Apple’s removal of chargers doesn’t save the planet but increases its profits

Is a decision a company Apple, to stop including chargers and headphones in the new iPhone 12 handsets, is beneficial to increase its profits. It’s hard to see how good this is for the planet.

The move saves the company money, and some of the environmental benefits can be offset by people purchasing the earphones and chargers separately.

And unlike previous models, iPhone 12 comes with a (USB-C) to (Lightning) cable only.

The company said: Removing chargers and headphones reduces mining, packaging and carbon dioxide emissions associated with making products.

The company has also won the approval of some environmental groups calling for reducing electronic waste, a growing problem that Apple contributes to through its continuous production of new gadgets.

The new announcement marks the latest step Apple has taken to become a greener company, and follows a major pledge the company made in July to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

Apple’s move to reduce waste is a good financial move, and the bottom line clearly has a lot to do with it.

Technology analysts say: The transition to 5G networks is the big reason why Apple is looking to cut costs by including fewer accessories with its phones.

Analysts estimate that the radio frequency components of the new iPhone 12 cost 30 to 35 percent more than they did on previous iPhones, and they said: Apple is looking to cut costs in other aspects of the phone.

Making the decision – not to include chargers and headphones in the new phone – is one of Apple’s way of cutting costs.

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This could increase the company’s total profit per phone by just over 1 percent, which means that the decision is a maneuver to preserve the phone’s current profitability.

Also, the cable included in iPhone 12 is not compatible with the chargers included in many previous iPhones.

Consumers who do not have a compatible charger need to purchase a USB-C charger or wireless charger to use their new phones.

Apple assumes that people who buy the new iPhone have old headphones and chargers ready to use instead.

And if people decide to buy AirPods because they don’t have headphones, that’s a big win for Apple, not for the planet.

And if Apple sold roughly the same number of phones this year as it did in 2018 – about 217 million And only 5 percent of those people decide to buy (AirPods), then the company will generate an additional gross profit of $ 700 million.

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