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Archdeacon of Cleveland

Cleveland’s new archdeacon in the diocese of York will be the Revd Dr Amanda Bloor, Priest in charge of Bembridge and Assistant diocesan director of authorizing officers in the diocese of Portsmouth since 2015 and chaplain to the cadet army.

Dr. Bloor was ordained a priest in 2005, served her title in the diocese of Oxford, and served as chaplain to the bishop, diocesan councilor for the women’s ministry, and director of ordinaries to the archdeacon of Berkshire, before moving. on the Isle of Wight.

His doctorate is in the well-being of the clergy and has a particular interest in ministerial development. She is married to Mark and has two adult daughters.

It will be collected on April 22 and will succeed Ven. Samantha Rushton, who became Archdeacon of York in August (Gazzetta, October 18, 2019).

Askwith. Revd Joshua Askwith, Assistant to Santa Maria and Sant’Elena, Neston, will be Vicar of Norbury (Chester).

BELL. Revd Joshua Bell, Curate Assistant of South Lynn, now Curate Assistant of South and West Lynn (Norwich).

BURTON. Revd Barbara Burton, Rector of Walpole St Peter with St Andrew’s, Walpole and West Walton, will also be Rector of Clenchwarton (Ely).

CARGILL. Revd Christine Cargill, Vicar of St. Anne, Brondesbury, with Holy Trinity, Kilburn, now also Priest in charge of the Christ Church with St Laurence, Brondesbury (London).

Cashmore. Revd Matthew Cashmore, Assistant to the Curate of Kenton, will be the incumbent priest of St Anselm, Hayes (London).

Cloake. Revd David Cloake, Vicar of St Philip and St James, Whitton, will be the incumbent priest of Boxing Day in Hounslow (London).

COLLINS. Revd Joy Collins, Assistant Curate NS (Associate Vicar) of Westfield and Guestling (Chichester), will be Priest-in-Charge.

CUBITT. Revd Paul Cubitt, vicar of North Walsham and Edingthorpe, Worstead and Westwick, will be rector of the team in the team ministry of Dereham and District, remaining on. Canon of Norwich Cathedral (Norwich).

CURTIS. Revd Susannah Curtis, former Interim Curate Assistant (Associate Minister) of St Alkmund and St Werburgh, Derby, now Interim Curate Assistant (Associate Minister) of St Alkmund and St Werburgh, Derby (Derby).

DAVIS. Revd Emily Davis, assistant curate (associate minister) of Easthampstead (Oxford), now assistant curate NS of Huntingdon (Ely).

DESICS. The Revd Robert Desics, Vicar of Hemlington, will be Vicar of South Thornaby (York).

DUNLOP. Revd Jennifer Dunlop, Assistant Curate NS of San Marco, Dukinfield (Chester), now NS Associate Minister.

Eadon. The Revd Benjamin Eadon, Vicar of Durrington, will be Vicar of St. Bartholomew, Brighton (Chichester).

FORRESTER. Revd Ian Forrester, Priest in charge of Boxgrove (Chichester), will be vicar, remaining diocesan liturgy and music consultant.

FULFORD. Revd Susan Fulford, Curate NS Assistant at the Wigan Team Ministry (Liverpool), will be Curate Interim Assistant.

GILES. Revd Dr Gordon Giles, Vicar of Enfield Chase and Edmonton Area Director of Post Ordination Training (London), will be canonical chancellor of Rochester Cathedral (Rochester).

GOODRICH. Revd Michelle Goodrich, Priest in charge of Saint Mary Magdalene with Saint Patrick, Alsager (Chester), now Vicar.

HARRISON. Revd Dawn Harrison, Skelmersdale’s Assistant Curate (Minister of School Development), now interim Assistant Curate (designated Team Vicar) at the Wigan Team Ministry (Liverpool).

HAYES. Revd Denise Hayes, Priest in charge of Hattersley (Chester), now vicar.

HOLDING. Revd Georgina Holding, Vicar of the Brereton and Rugeley team with the Armitage team ministry (Lichfield), will be Rector of Market Deeping (Lincoln).

HUTCHINSON. Revd Paul Hutchinson, Priest in charge of St Neots and Eynesbury, will be Team Rector in the Ministry of St Neots (Ely) team.

KIRBY. Revd Dr Michael Kirby, NS Chaplain of Liverpool Cathedral (Liverpool), now Residentiary Canon NS (Canon scientist).

LAW. The Revd Anne Law, Rector of the team of the Ministry of the team of Yealm and Erme, Priest in charge of Holbeton and Rural Dean of Ivybridge, will also be a Prebendary of the Cathedral of Exeter (Exeter).

LING. Revd Adrian Ling, Rector of South Lynn, now Rector of South and West Lynn, remaining Hon. Canon of Norwich Cathedral (Norwich).

MANN. Revd Nicola Mann, priest in charge of the parish group of Raddesley (Ely), will be rector.

MIDDLETON. Revd Jules Middleton, Assistant Curate of Trinity in the Lewes Benefice (Chichester), now associate vicar.

MILLINCHIP. Revd Jane Millinchip, Assistant Curate NS (Associate Minister) of Witton, acting as Assistant Curate NS of Whitegate with Little Budworth Chester).

MITCHELL. Revd Anthony Mitchell, priest in charge of Halton (Chester), now vicar.

PEARSON. Rev. Revd Geoffrey Pearson, formerly Suffragan Bishop of Lancaster (Blackburn), now Hon. Assistant Bishop (Chester).

PHILIP. Revd Dr Mathew Philip, Curcha NS Assistant of Patcham, now Curate Assistant (Associate Vicar) of the Good Shepherd, Preston, Brighton (Chichester).

RAGGETT. Revd Anita Raggett, Priest in charge of Walton (Chester), now Vicar.

REEVE. Revd Gillian Reeve, Assistant Curate NS at the Ministry of St Luke in the City, Liverpool (Liverpool), now chaplain of the University of Chester (Warrington Campus) (Chester).

ROBINSON. Revd Dr Timothy Robinson, Vicar of St. John the Evangelist, Macclesfield, with Henbury, now Rector of Tilston and Shocklach (Chester).

ROBINSON. Revd Norma Robinson, Assistant Curate NS (Associate Minister) of St John the Evangelist, Macclesfield, with Henbury, now Assistant Curate NS (Associate Minister) of Tilston and Shocklach (Chester).

RUSTED. Revd Giselle Rusted, NS Curate Assistant to Dunham Massey, now NS Curate Assistant to St Peter, Hale and Ashley (Chester).

SEEVARATNAM. The Revd Moham Seevaratnam, former Curate NS Assistant of St George’s, Southall, will be NS Curative Assistant of South Harrow (London).

SHERIFF. The Revd Suzanne Sheriff, former Vicar of Tadcaster, will hold the office of Priest in charge of the conventional district of St Wulstan, Haworth, York, remaining Hon. Canon and Prebendary of York Minster (York).

SIMPSON. Revd Jill Simpson, Curate Assistant of Ferring, as Curate Assistant of Sullington (Chichester).

SMYTH. Revd Peter Smyth, Vicar of Childwall, will be Vicar of Dovecot (Liverpool).

SWORD. Revd Bernard Sword, Assistant Curate (Minister in charge) of Sandbach Heath with Wheelock (Chester), now Vicar, remaining Archdeacon of Macclesfield, retired clergy and widower and widower.

THORPE. Revd Nathan Thorpe, St Peter’s Curate Assistant, Formby, will be Vicar of Aintree (Liverpool).

wade. Revd Mark Wade, Curate of Goose Green Assistant, now Interim Curative Assistant in the Wigan Team Ministry (Liverpool).

WHITE HOUSE. Revd Nigel Whitehouse, Team Rector in Whittlesey, Pondersbridge and Coates Team Ministry, will be the priest in charge of Upwell and Outwell (Ely).

Wickremasinghe. Revd Deepthi Wickremasinghe, Assistant Curate NS of St. Christopher, Walworth (Southwark), now also chaplain of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (London).

WINDSOR. Fri. Fiona Windsor, Archdeacon of Horsham (Chichester), to also be the Hon. Chaplain to the queen.


MARTIN. Sister Gillian Martin CA, Missionary for Children and Families of the Church of England, now chaplain to HM Eastwood Park (Gloucester) prison.

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