Apprentice compared to Amazon engineer

To manage the distribution of the anti-covid vaccines, experts in engineering and computer science were needed and not a general even if an expert in logistics, so thinks the professor Andrea Crisanti according to which the new covid emergency commissioner, general Figliuolo, “Compared to Amazon’s engineers, he is an apprentice” on logistics. Crisanti criticized without half measures the choice of General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo as Extraordinary Commissioner for the implementation and coordination of emergency covid measures including the vaccine plan, Crisanti has explained: “Two months ago I said that the government had to consult those of Amazon. I didn’t say it by chance, Amazon is a giant in logistics. With all due respect, our General of Engineers, compared to Amazon’s engineers, he’s an apprentice”.

“These from Amazon are able to handle billions of packages a day and distribute them throughout the country. The fact that a general has been chosen has a great impact on the media and communication, but I assure you that to distribute the vaccines probably it needed experts in engineering and computer science that are in Amazon not in the Army ”continued Crisanti, guest at“ ilcafFLEdelmerc Wednesday ”, the weekly column of the Luigi Einaudi Foundation, adding:“ If they had hired the chief executive officer of Amazon I would have been calmer ”.

In reality, the director of the microbiology laboratory of the University of Padua has criticized the entire management of the anti-covid vaccination campaign in Italy starting from vaccine Day. “If we had ten million doses today we wouldn’t know how to distribute them. We started vaccination with that ‘antics’ of ‘vaccination day’, deluding all Italians “said Crisanti, underlining:” Up to now nothing had been done and very little had been planned, without realizing the logistical difficulties of a vaccination mass with a vaccine like Pfizer’s, which has gigantic logistics problems. “

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